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Sector: Lighting

Customer need: a major European manufacturer of lighting systems and energy management needs a high-tech component to be included in a LED lighting fixture, with the dual function of supporting and having a refined aesthetic design.

GMG proposed solution: inclusion of a particular PVC scratch-resistant film, adherent to the raw material input to the stamping process. This type of innovative and compulsory solution for high-tech components with particular aesthetic requirements, allows the brilliance of the steel substrate to be maintained along the entire supply chain, up to the sale and installation of the assembly with the end user. The objective is to allow the end customer to simply and reliably remove film, thus enjoying the brilliance of the steel surface around the LED spotlight.

How to obtain the result: devices studied along the stamping phases allow you to process the steel material and film without leaving a trace of the signs of processing. Geometry parts of the equipment in the mould allow fluid evacuation of the material composed of steel and film, managing the stretching of the two different materials in adherence in a controlled manner, in a single stamping process, without costly subsequent manual bonding of the film.