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Blister packaging on and/or handling trays

Blister packaging on and/or handling trays On the specification of the customer, or on our input based on the delicacy of the object, we offer special trays for internal handling or for any third parties, ideal for automotive or aesthetic components.

If possible, dimensioned according to the containers already used by the customer, indispensable for any automated handling, protect against impacts, simplify counting, standardise the quantities. In different materials, anti-oil, or ESD, to protect the product in handling within the company and between third parties and for shipping to the end customer, thermoformed trays produced even in small quantities can be moulded in thicknesses of a few tenths of a millimetre for those to lose up to a thickness of 6/7 mm for the reusable ones.

Stackable ones and with a different colour, if possible, for more immediate identification, represent for the company a safe investment in quality and image.

When empty, their conicity allows the stacking and thus a considerable reduction of the volumes with respect to the expanded polystyrene ones.

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