We do our best in...
Design, stamping, cleaning and finishing treatments that allow us to
obtain products that comply with technical and aesthetic requirements

Stamping for deep drawing

The drawing processing of the sheet metal consist of plastic deformation operations of the duly dimensioned developments plans to obtain three-dimensional and axially symmetric shapes, such as:

- Hemispherical caps
- frustums
- cylinder
- forms of greater complexity, such as straight prisms, or those with polyhedral sections

Subsequent bending and shearing operations technical precision items to be efficiently made.

In many cases the pieces obtained by drawing the sheet metal replace pieces obtained through processing by chip removal.

Our experience in this type of machine allows you to achieve a correct drawing process of sheet metal with increased diameter-height ratio of the deep drawn object.

Our moulded objects are developed for projects for:
- Creation of deep drawn bushings
- cylindrical magnetic circuits for proportional solenoid valves
- bearing holder seat
- wearing rings for pumps
- nozzles for gas valves
- deep drawn flanges for gas taps