We do our best in...
Design, stamping, cleaning and finishing treatments that allow us to
obtain products that comply with technical and aesthetic requirements


G.M.G. spa is an Italian company with 40 years’ experience in the production of precision metal parts. Today it is the reliable protagonist in co-design, customer specifications and standard production of precision parts, through its own moulds and custom systems.

The international presence and experience in various markets, including the home appliances, electronics, electro-mechanics, lighting and automotive sectors, allows us to offer the right response when you require the design of a product and process solution that is technologically advanced and compliant with the technical, regulatory and design requirements.

A constant commitment to development according to the needs of the market has led the company to the current organisational structure, in order to ensure reliable supplies according to the expectations of the customer.

Our objective is ambitious: to help our customers achieve excellence by satisfying the specific technical and design needs in the world of custom products, electrical connectors and catalogue products.