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Sector: home appliances

Customer need: German manufacturer for the white goods industry requires the development of a metallic box-shaped component, with a refined design that is at the same time robust, with the function of containing the incandescent lamp inside ovens, all subjected to high operating temperatures.

GMG proposed solution: the solution according to GMG, to obtain in a single stamping process and thus give a cost and quality advantage to the customer, has been to invest time and energy in studying innovative closure with flaps along the vertical edges.

How to obtain the result: the boxed component, designed for the shear-bend process thanks to an innovative closing system, was obtained with simultaneous and sequential bending fins. This closing system has also allowed us to make the bent structure robust and resilient. Everything could thus be made with a single processing on a progressive mould, avoiding further processing after stamping of the development, allowing the customer to contain costs with the expected quality.