We do our best in...
Design, stamping, cleaning and finishing treatments that allow us to
obtain products that comply with technical and aesthetic requirements


In addition to the design of well-defined technical specifications, GMG offers its professional skills to customers interested in developing custom co-design products

Some reasons that propel the setting of a co-design project:

Professional factor

The recognition that alone is very difficult to develop a new product, diverting valuable resources from the daily management of the company.

Time factor

In a highly competitive environment, arriving late with a new product on the market can lose the company its competitive advantage. GMG offers to solve some of these critical issues.

Drawing on the expertise and an array of carefully selected suppliers/sub-suppliers, the customer is supported by technical and design staff who work closely with the Customer's staff.
Once the objectives are set, a joint working group is set up with the consideration of the customer.

The common objective is, within a pre-determined timeframe, to develop the prototype of the product or service, with the aim of a standard supply in a well-defined timetable.