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Electronic's tabs

Since 1978 G.M.G. has been producing electronic’s tabs and wire-end for many sectors, such as automotive and electrotechnics.

The Company’s success is based on know-how and innovation. G.M.G. is appreciated also abroad for its punctuality, precision and high production capacity, which almost reaches ten million items per day. 
The sought-after UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification proves the high standards achieved in in each production stage. Among the other advantages of G.M.G. are the tight dimensional tolerances and the ability to meet deadlines.

The Company can process several materials, e.g. metal alloys, special steels, brass, beryllium copper, galvanic coating and many more. The design of small metal parts involves the use of advanced CAD-CAM software, which improves precision and reduces the fault level as well as production times. Prototyping allows the company to provide a true scale model of the product to manufacture. 
The prototype shows any possible critical aspect and helps us to improve the item before producing it. In addition to small metal parts, G.M.G. designs and manufactures metal caps.

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