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Sector: electro-mechanics

Customer need: a major manufacturer of electronic components, fuses and circuit breakers needs a particular moulded, in which a deep drawn metal object with a high height diameter ratio should allow a certain position within the solid plastic, preventing it from rotating around its central axis when it twists.

GMG proposed solution: introduce special knurling along the external cylindrical body of the deep drawn object with high drawing ratio, with reference function and in order to prevent twisting of the metallic item inside the solid plastic.

How to obtain the result: along the progression of the stamping processing, a special and delicate phase called "scoring" is provided for in which the equipment parts, working in a balanced way and with extreme precision, create vertical parallel and equidistant lines along the height of the external cylindrical body of the metal component. This type of processing, which as a condition requires extreme stability of the equipment involved in the stamping phase, it has been possible to obtain it in a single mould, thus avoiding costly subsequent processing with the risk of losing quality.