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Industry: Construction

Customer need: the customer, a manufacturer of building components, requires a bush inserted on the nut screw of a motor, with the dual function of allowing the passage of the screw and of being fixed to the underlying structure, so as to prevent rotation.

GMG proposed solution: The project, developed in co-design with the customer, has seen GMG engaged in the difficult task of starting from a deep drawn product and converting it into a special component with cylindrical and hexagonal cross section, with longitudinal and variable section along the height of the object, with the goal of obtaining a weakened area for the subsequent indentation operation, and a resistant zone for anchoring.

How to obtain the result: the result was obtained with special equipment designed for variable deep drawing processing. It has all been obtained by minimizing the amount of processing scrap, thanks to a mould with high productivity that has allowed the customer to rationalise the costs of the standard product.